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Quindlen Law Firm, P.A. is respected in the Beaufort area for its quality representation in family law matters. The firm’s attorneys listen carefully to your concerns and offer sensible solutions. They manage all aspects of your family law situation, including modifications that may be required as your life circumstances change.


The lawyers at Quindlen Law Firm, P.A. skillfully handle all divorce scenarios, from the drafting of negotiated settlement agreements to the complex litigation of contested divorces.  The firm’s attorneys can also represent you in mediation, which is now required prior to contested divorce trials in Beaufort and many other counties under a new South Carolina pilot program.

Equitable distribution of marital property

You are entitled to an equitable share of the property you and your spouse collected during the marriage. Quindlen Law Firm, P.A. helps you negotiate a property settlement when practical and fights for your share in court when necessary. They also work with you to identify and protect your non-marital asserts.


South Carolina law allows for the the payment of alimony, or support, for deserving spouses following divorce. These include periodic, lump-sum and rehabilitative awards, among others. The firm’s attorneys work with you to determine your needs and obtain the support your require.

Child custody and support

The lawyers at Quindlen Law Firm, P.A. help you secure a custody arrangement that gives you an appropriate share of parenting time. The firm helps protect the best interests of children whose parents are divorcing or were never married.


The firm’s lawyers make sure all visitation details are considered and documented, including holidays and vacations with your children. You can also count on solid representation in the event that you or the other parent decides to relocate. The firm has significant experience in dealing with the unique visitation issues that arise from military families moving between duty stations.

Child support

In South Carolina, the family court judge may either follow the child support guidelines or agree to a different amount of support that you propose. Quindlen Law Firm, P.A. helps you achieve a child support payment that is reasonable, appropriate and ensures the needs of the child are met.


When the identity of a child’s father is not legally confirmed, he has no right to visitation or obligation to pay support. The firm’s attorneys work with both mothers and fathers who need to establish paternity.

Domestic relations

Protective orders are available to people in current or previous domestic relationships when there is a pattern of harassment or violence. Quindlen Law Firm, P.A. helps you secure the appropriate order to make yourself and your family safe.


You need an experienced family law attorney to help you through the complex procedures of adoption. The firm’s lawyers clarify the process and effectively guide you toward a successful adoption.

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