Originally from Macon, Georgia, Jeff Stephens holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Georgia Tech, and a Juris Doctorate degree from the University of Tennessee. He served as an enlisted Marine Corps reservist in college and law school and was later commissioned as an officer. Jeff spent 10 years on active duty as a Marine Corps judge advocate, finally retiring from the Marine Corps Reserve after 22 years of service in 2016. Jeff’s military assignments included serving as a prosecutor, defense counsel, and recruit training company commander at Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island, assignments as an Appellate Defense and Appellate Government attorney with the Office of the Judge Advocate General of the Navy, and deployments to Fallujah, Iraq and to Bahrain as an operational law attorney. After leaving active duty, Jeff served for 5 years as an assistant solicitor for South Carolina’s 14th Judicial Circuit, prosecuting crimes committed in Beaufort and Jasper counties. He served for 3 years as a Beaufort County assistant public defender, and has been an attorney with the Quindlen Law Firm, P.A., since 2012. Jeff and his wife have 4 children who are almost all out of their house in Beaufort, SC.

Jeff’s focus of practice is military, criminal, and criminal appellate law. He has been cited in the following military appellate cases:

Navy-Marine Corps Court of Criminal Appeals
  • United States v. Bagstad, NMCCA 200602454
  • United States v. Kluemper, NMCCA 200602366
  • United States v. McCracken, NMCCA 200600484
  • United States v. McWhorter, NMCCA 200301592
  • United States v. Sullivan, NMCCA 200302040

Court of Appeals of the Armed Forces

  • United States v. Harcrow, 66 M.J. 154 (C.A.A.F 2008)
  • United States v. Pflueger, 65 M.J. 127 (C.A.A.F. 2007)
  • United States v. Politte, 65 M.J. 24 (C.A.A.F. 2006)
  • United States v. Riggins, 75 M.J. 78 (C.A.A.F 2016)
  • United States v. Smead, 68 M.J. 44 (C.A.A.F. 2009)

U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit

Jeff’s recent criminal case results include the following:

  • Marine Corporal charged at a General Court-Martial with Rape and orders violation; charges dismissed
  • Marine Staff Sergeant charged by civilian authorities with DUI, Possession of Steroids; charges dismissed and retained after administrative separation board
  • Civilian client charged with trafficking cocaine, possession of marijuana; charges dismissed
  • 2 Civilian clients charged with Burglary in the 1st Degree, Possession of a weapon during commission of a violent crime; charges dismissed at preliminary hearing
  • 5 Civilian clients charged with domestic violence; found Not Guilty at jury trials
  • Civilian charged with attempted murder; found Not Guilty at jury trial
  • Civilian charged with criminal solicitation of a minor; found Not Guilty at jury trial
  • Civilian charged with criminal sexual conduct with a child; found Not Guilty at jury trial
  • Civilian charged with murder; found Not Guilty at jury trial

Jeff in the news

Marine Sergeant Major accused of Assault and Battery, all charges dismissed.

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Civilian charged with 2017 murder in Jasper County, SC, found Not Guilty at May 2021 jury trial, despite confession and DNA evidence.

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Practice areas

  • Military law
  • Criminal law
  • Criminal Appellate law


  • Georgia Tech
  • Juris Doctorate degree from the University of Tennessee